Master Bulk Create in Canva Pro

Create Stunning Images, Reels, and Lead Magnets Fast

Workshop Details

Date: July 8th

Time: 2:00pm EDT

Price: $9

What You’ll Gain from This Transformative Workshop:

✔ A clear understanding of the basics of ChatGPT and how it can benefit your business

✔ Practical, hands-on experience with ChatGPT for writing professional and engaging emails

✔ Strategies to brainstorm social media plans and organize information for presentations

✔ The ability to stay updated with the latest technology by joining our exclusive Facebook group for ongoing resources and support

✔ Confidence in using ChatGPT to streamline your business tasks, saving you time and effort

Exclusive Bonuses:

⭐ Detailed instructions to help you continue leveraging ChatGPT for various business tasks long after the workshop is over

⭐ VIP Q&A immediately following the workshop where I’ll answer all your questions and ensure you are comfortable using ChatGPT before you log off

Don’t miss this opportunity to join other business owners who are discovering how ChatGPT can revolutionize their workflow and boost their productivity.

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Bulk Create Workshop $9.00

How to Get ChatGPT to Sound Like You – Only $27!

Enhance your custom GPT with your unique voice! With our exclusive add-on, AI Voice Guide Masterclass, you’ll receive comprehensive video training, a curated prompt guide, and a step-by-step AI-ready voice manual. This package ensures your GPT answers questions and handles tasks in a way that reflects your personality, maintaining brand consistency, trust, and relatability. Our easy-to-follow guides allow you to integrate these changes seamlessly, even without advanced technical skills. This add-on complements our main workshop, ensuring your custom GPT becomes a true reflection of your brand. Please note: AVAILABLE 6/17/24.

What do I need to get the most out of this workshop?

I want you to get the most out of this workshop. Please take a look below and let me know if you have any questions. 

A ChatGPT account. Free or Paid. Please be sure to set this up before the workshop. (

➡A PAID Canva account. Please be sure this is set up before the workshop. ( Please note that the BULK CREATE feature is a paid feature and you will not be able to complete the workshop without a Paid account

➡A working understanding of how to use Canva to change colors and add elements and text. You don’t need to be an expert, but you will feel frustration if you are not familiar with the platform. 

♥​An understanding that tech does not work 100% of the time and a willingness to work through it together. ♥


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