Instructor introduction and background


Welcome to the second lesson of our course! I’m so glad you’re here. In this lesson, you’ll get to know a bit more about me and my background. Understanding my journey will give you confidence in the path we’re about to take together and help you see the value of the expertise shaping this course.

Core Content

Who Am I?

I’m Jeanette, a business coach with nearly 20 years of experience in education and digital business development. My journey began in the classroom, where I taught for many years before transitioning to online business leadership. I had the privilege of leading a team of coaches and software engineers as the Director of Product. This unique blend of educational and business leadership experiences has equipped me to simplify complex topics and strategies, making them accessible and actionable for you.

Why This Course Matters to Me

I genuinely believe in the potential of every entrepreneur to build a business that thrives financially while also aligning with personal values and lifestyle. I understand the challenges of feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of tools and strategies available today, especially in the realm of AI and automation. My mission is to help you cut through the noise, find clarity, and use ChatGPT effectively to amplify your brand voice.

My Expertise

  • Education and Simplification: My teaching background allows me to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand steps.
  • Leadership and Process Optimization: In my leadership role, I learned to measure processes and align team goals, skills I now use to help you streamline your business operations.
  • Holistic Business Growth: I ensure that business growth isn’t just about profits but also about aligning with your personal well-being and values.

Tips and Best Practices

  • Trust the Process: I’ve designed this course with a clear, step-by-step approach. Trust in the process and you’ll see results.
  • Engage Actively: Make the most out of this course by participating in discussions, sharing your experiences, and asking questions in our Facebook Group.
  • Personalize Your Learning: Take the strategies, tips, and prompts shared in this course and adapt them to fit your unique brand voice.

Prompts and Assignments

  • Engagement Assignment: Introduce yourself in the Facebook Group. Share a bit about your business and what you hope to achieve with this course.
Please help me write an introduction about myself to place in a facebook group. I want to be known as the type of person that is {values} and does {value proposition} for my clients and business. Outside of work I enjoy {hobbies}. Please make the writing conversational like two friends getting together for coffee.