Quick Reference Guide

Maximize Your ChatGPT Plus Investment

Quick Reference Guide

Introduction to ChatGPT Plus

  • What is ChatGPT Plus? An enhanced version of ChatGPT with advanced features.
  • Why Use ChatGPT Plus? Streamline operations, content creation, and data analysis.

Part 1: Document Uploads

Use the PrintFriendly Google Extension: Convert web pages to PDFs with ease for uploading to ChatGPT. Find it at PrintFriendly.com

  • Document Types: Text files, PDFs, images for OCR, etc.
  • Uploading Documents: Click 'Upload', select your document, and use the content.

Part 2: Utilizing Plugins

  • What are Plugins? Add-ons that enhance ChatGPT's functionality.
  • Popular Plugins: Wolfram Alpha, Speak, and more.
  • Activating Plugins: Access via ChatGPT or browser extensions.

Part 3: Mastery with CSVs and Tables

  • Why CSVs? Versatile for data manipulation and organization.
  • Creating a CSV: Use spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Using CSVs with ChatGPT Plus: Upload and command ChatGPT to organize data.

Conclusion: Ensuring Post-Workshop Success

  • Questions to Reflect On: Consider how these tools fit into your workflow.
  • Taking Action: Implement one feature at a time for best results.